Four Kicks Capa Especial by Crowned Heads

9 years later, is it the best representation of the Four Kicks brand?

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The Breakdown
Ecuador Sumatra
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 50)
Price (USD)

The Capa Especial is obviously a new cigar under the crowned heads Brand, but is it a new blend? Not by a long shot. This cigar was actually blended and conceptualized back in 2011 by none other than E.P. Carrillo. At the time the decision for Crowned heads inception cigar was between the Ecuadorian Sumatran version (the Capa Especial) and the cigar we have all been familiar with from the beginning, the Four Kicks utilizing a Ecuadorian habano wrapper. The question now is, how good is the Capa Especial they left behind nearly 10 years ago?

Construction - Both samples smoked were nicely constructed. One had an abundance of noticeable veins, not that dissimilar from the arm of a dehydrated physique competitor, but other than the protruding pipelines running through the wrapper, the production quality was nice. 

Burn - Both samples boasted great smoke production although one was a bit hindered by a tight draw. The consistency of each was surprisingly remarkable. Call it our bro science, but the flaky ash seemed to have kept the burn line in check throughout the entire smoking experience. 

Flavor - Yes another week as of recent where our thoughts were fairly polarizing. We both agree on the variances of flavors, however not so much on the impact and complexity. The cigar as a whole has bits of about everything. It is nutty, sweet, earthy, woody, and all while maintaining a good sense of balance. The distinct difference in experiences was simply on how the cigar was smoked. One of us continued retrohaling this cigar throughout, and one in a traditional fashion. It was clear that retrohaling this cigar is the key to get the best expression of flavors and the overall complexity this cigar has to offer. 

Highly recommended.


The price paid is right where it should be in our opinion. It’s a traditional robusto size and is in line with the other versions of the Four Kicks sub brand, and  it’s clear minus the special edition Mule Kicks, the Capa Especial is perhaps the best of the Four Kicks cigars. 

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