Foundation Begins Shipping: Menelik, #142 Lancero, Highclere Victorian

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This year saw not one, but three line expansions released by Foundation Cigars at the 2019 IPCPR. 

The Menelik, the Tabernacle Havana Seed #142 Lancero, and the Highclere Castle Victorian have officially arrived stateside and will begin shipping this week. We are excited to deliver these eagerly awaited cigars to our community of retail partners across the US. The following outlines our shipping plan:

We will begin shipping on Friday, 8/16.

We will ship the orders that were taken at the IPCPR show first, followed by the orders that came in directly after the show 

We will ship via region. This shipping schedule will allow the product to arrive at roughly the same time across the country. 

There is a limited amount of product, every account will get part of their orders within the month. The balance of orders will ship September and October of 2019. 

Regions are as Follows:

North East – i.e Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Upstate New York, and Connecticut. Friday Shipping. (8.16.19)

West Coast and Southwest – i.e California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado – Friday/Monday (8.16.19 and 8.19.19)

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania – Monday (8.19.19)

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas – Monday/Tuesday (8.19.19 and 8.20.19)

Middle Atlantic and Southeast – Tuesday/Wednesday (8.20.19 and 8.21.19)

Mid West Upper – i.e Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota – Wednesday (8.21.19)

Florida – Thursday (8.22.19)


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