Fonseca by My Father

Aww, that's cute. My Father adopted a teenage girl named Fonseca!

Chris Allen
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The Breakdown
Nicaraguan Corojo 99 Rosado
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 1/4 x 52)
Price (USD)

What? Fonseca was acquired by My Father from Quesada? It's so fitting to the story that a company called “My Father” adopted a new baby girl named Fonseca from Quesada. The question is... Is this face-lift of a cigar any better? 

Surely we don’t want to see what happened to Myspace when it went to shit, then got acquired, then got a sporting young celebrity named Justin Timberlake to rep it, all to STILL fall short of everyone’s expectations. We...shall...see.


Pretty good looking cigar. Sporting a mildly rough to the touch wrapper with a hue that I challenge is a Rosado in color. Am I color-blind? Meh. Perhaps. No flaws, or anything.


What can I say... it was a solid burn. Anything you get from My Father, I can honestly say, rarely has any burn issues. This cigar had just enough draw resistance, took very few puffs for great smoke production, and burned nice and evenly around the edges... Overall fantastic. Queue the clap track!


Now I've had enough My Father cigars to tell you that they lean towards the full-bodied, bold type. What I thought was interesting was that this cigar seemed more subdued in that category. Did it take anything away from the de-facto, traditional My Father experience? Absolutely not! In fact, this cigar was bitter, salty, and had just the right amount of spice making for a very well-balanced flavor. It was refined. Sophisticated. Was there a lot of flavor change-ups? Not really. BUT, it also didn’t need it. I think just about any level of cigar smoker could enjoy this cigar.

Highly recommended.


This one is highly recommended. I feel like My Father really challenged themselves to break out of their typical blends, and I think they nailed it on this one. At around $10 it's hard to scoff at it, passing it by in your local humidor. Not to mention it may just be the ideal entry cigar into the My Father brand itself! Well worth getting your hands on!
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My Father

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