Flor del Valle by Warped

Its possible the flowers in this valley are rotten

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The Breakdown
Vitola (Size)
Toro (6 x 52)
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How such a notably trendy and progressive brand comes up with such an awful name like Flor Del Valle (flower of the valley) is beyond me. Nevertheless, we are here to break down the cigar, not it’s strangely hippy-esque name. 

Construction - This cigar is eye catching from the incredibly subtle but artistic band to the cigar itself which is smooth in appearance and touch and boasting the unique 109 cap which is tapered with a flat head, as if a cone head was smashed with a frying pan. The shape itself is actually pretty practical when you consider cutting this cigar. Both samples were exceptionally made. 

Burn - There were a few challenges in regards to burn with both samples smoked. A tight draw on one and annoying pitting on both, but were the cigar performed well was in the burn consistency and the ample amount of smoke it exhausted with each puff. 

Flavor - The flavor is where the cigar really lost us. The rush out of the gate pepper was very appealing and both of us waited for the always anticipated introduction of other balanced flavors but I can’t say we ever really got that. There is a nice earthiness that appears but quickly erodes away and the cigar becomes very flat and senseless. The flavors dull quickly and you are left with a confusing bland pile of tobacco all the way to the end, which in a 6 inch cigar, is a daunting task to deal with. This may be the first time we have ever smoked a Warped cigar where we were both eager for it to end. 

Decent smoke to try.


$13.00 is just simply out of bounds for this cigar, and although you can give a lot of credit to the construction, the blend, in particular for this vitola is mismatched. Like most Warped cigars, this is one that I am sure we would all prefer in a corona type vitola. A smaller ring gauge may change the experience drastically, but in this size, it fell right on its face. 

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Lifeandtimesofwolf - "Warped da best"

cigarosaurus.rex - "Thanks Aganorsa"

cigarheadzhtx - "Great!"

northwestcigars - "Not as good as the La Hacienda"

vcuteverything - "sometimes I think about how my future self is talking mad shit about my present me"

nickstagrammin - "Pretty good, falls a little flat from other Warped cigars"

Blossomsmokess - "Love that cigar! :):)"

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