Family Reserve No. 85 Maduro by Padrón

How did Padrón do in honoring their Founder?

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Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5.25 x 50)
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This Padrón was created to commemorate founder José Orlando Padrón’s 85th Birthday and uses tobaccos aged for 10 years. It would be nice if someone did something special like this for our 85th birthdays. Start planning people. 

One thing you certainly expect from a high end Padrón cigar is perfection in the way it is crafted and this one doesn’t fall short of that expectation. This is simply box pressed brilliance and it shows off a beautifully smooth dark wrapper. It’s like someone shrunk Nicki Minaj, squeezed her, and wrapped her in a Padrón band. 

The same expectation you would have for construction you would also have for the burn and this cigar performed near flawlessly. What we really admired about the burn is how insanely even and consistent it was on both samples smoked. This coupled with one of the most relaxed draws we have had in awhile, the overall experience was truly wonderful. 

This Nicaraguan puro bucks the trend by offering up a very smooth start and some nice dark fruity flavors. This smoke isn’t the most dynamic however. What you get continues through the remainder of the cigar which becomes negatively redundant fairly quickly. One thing we didn’t expect, which was a nice point of surprising enjoyment, was the great full fruity front end almost hits a hard reset at the halfway point and brings you a brightness of flavor that was muted towards the first half of the cigar. It actually finishes off pretty pleasant. 

Coming in at $20.00 per stick, objectively we agreed it’s overpriced for what you get, but the elevated price is anticipated with any high end Padrón. It’s certainly a great cigar but should be reserved for a celebratory event or special occasion.



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Striving to create cigars worthy of special times is the singular motivation behind Padrón Cigars. For years, Padrón smokers have shared with us stories of special moments in their lives that have been distinguished by smoking one of our cigars.

This too is how we in the Padrón Family live our lives. Great cigars have been the centerpiece of many of our most memorable moments – those moments shared with family and friends. The Padrón Family thanks you for your continued loyalty and trust in the Padrón name.

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