Exclusivo Nicaragua Leaded by Viaje

This Viaje is running on 93 Octane

Cory Allen
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Viaje to me is a Brand that you love to hate (I say this in the kindest way possible) , but there is no denying they have some great cigars in their lineup.

The Exclusivo Nicaragua Leaded is no exception. A wonderful firm cigar with extruding oils, the production of this cigar is at the top of the heap and is fun just to look at and admire for a few moments.

An impeccable burn made the smoking experience quite enjoyable. The draw on this cigar is effortless and offered up mouthfuls of smoke over and over again.

The Leaded starts off with an upfront pepper but transitions into a wonderful flavor assortment of smooth and sweet boldness that takes you on a nice long walk to the finish. I absolutely loved the sustained brilliant ongoing flavors that this cigar had to offer.

At a $9.00 price point, I feel this is a killer deal and certainly worth trying if you can get your hands on one especially if you really enjoy cigars that come with an extra set of testicles.



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Viaje is a boutique cigar company specializing in the small batch approach to cigar making. Viaje represents the idea that quality is better than quantity. That small is better than big. That few are better than many.

Cory Allen
Host of The Hot Ticket Podcast. Cory isn’t your prototypical cigar smoker. He’s a testament to today’s modern smoker. Having smoked his first cigar at the age 18, he immediately gained an affinity for this seemingly exclusive pastime, and specifically one that is not popular amongst those categorized as "Millennials" Today, Cory continues to indulge in some of the most highly rated and regarded cigars in the industry and is always seeking to get his grubby little hands on the next great smoke.