Espiritu by Trinidad

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Vitola (Size)
Belicoso (6.25 x 52)
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Espiritu is named in homage to the good Caribbean times of the 60’s and 70’s and where cigar rolling was experiencing its best years. The immense amount of poverty and introduction to communism aside, these were some good times in the cigar world. 

This cigar has a wowie kind of look to it. With a slight reddish hue on the wrapper, it has a rich Colorado look to it. It was also amazingly constructed showing off minimal veins but a nice smoothness and had a density that was having us drooling in anticipation for some yummy tobacco. 

The burn on both samples was just as superior as the construction. Minus a slight tight draw on one sample, each cigar burned as you would have hoped and made the smoking experience effortless enjoyable. 

The flavor on this cigar is where it really shines! It expels a wonderful bright fruitiness from the get go, sans the spice we both expected. It makes a nice transition into a smooth creaminess that’s really nicely balanced out by a nice slightly charred wood flavor that continues on to the end. This cigar brings a balance to a myriad of flavors and ones we that we have not had together in quite some time. This cigar is quite simply unique in the best way possible. 



The Espiritu comes in at a $10.50 price point that we both think is absolutely perfect for what you get. It’s really a cigar that can be enjoyed by anyone on the smoking spectrum and if you are feeling froggy, continually retrohale this cigar. You will thank me after your taste buds start throw a party in your mouth. 

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