5 years later..But is it worth it?

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The Breakdown
San Andrés
Vitola (Size)
Perfecto (4¾” x 60)
Price (USD)

5 years since the company's inception, we get a nice treat that is the El Güegüense 5 Year Aniversario. The original El Güegüense was the first to be launched under the Foundation brand, so it’s fitting we received something special at the 5 year mark. Let’s see how good this anniversary cigar is!

Construction - What a vitola and one of which isn’t typical for Foundation. A 4 ¾ by 60 perfecto is just fun and we are glad they decided to do something surprisingly different. Both samples were constructed to perfection, showing off a nice rich, smooth, oily medium brown wrapper.

Burn - When we see a vitola like this, we think, welp bring on the inconsistent burn, but both burn experiences were void of any major challenges or complications. Once sample did go out in the final 3rd, but a quick relight got everything back on track. 

Flavor - This is where opinions differed. One liked the in your face flavor from the start and the other could have easily left it. It’s full of spice and heavy earth which is often a favorable combination but in this cigar seemed disjointed. An introduction of heavy wood comes on quickly offering at last something different but we would argue it did little for the balance of this cigar. We both agreed this cigar is pretty static in flavor offering up barely subtle change ups and not very often at that. The cigar was annoyingly boring for one of us but pleasant for the other. We also both agree that this cigar finishes harshly only really giving you a good 4 inches (That’s what she said). 

Decent smoke to try.


It’s fair to be ultra critical when it comes to smoking this cigar because it comes at a premium cost of $15.00. We know it's a special release. However with such a price point comes high expectations, and although our opinions differed, our stance on price didn’t. It is quite simply too expensive for what you get, as a matter of fact, it’s almost offensive. We will say, this cigar may be for a lot of people. We can see how some people will love the flavor profile, however we know it won’t be for everyone and will be a polarizing release. 

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