El Artista Cigars Meets with New Dominican President

El Artista Cigars Meets with New Dominican President

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On Saturday, September 12 2020, Radhamés Rodríguez of Tabacalera El Artista joined a delegation of 38 tobacco industry representatives from around the Dominican Republic to communicate their thoughts and concerns on the state of the tobacco industry to the new Dominican President Luis Abinader.

Rodríguez penned and presented a letter as well as a prepared statement directly to Pres. Abinader during a tour of key tobacco farms, factories and processing facilities.

Rodríguez asked the President to consider the following:

  • Issues arising from insufficient tobacco production infrastructure;
  • A decreasing pride in tobacco culture in the DR;
  • An increasing dependence on imported tobaccos;
  • Greater International competition;
  • Regulatory concerns in the US and abroad.

“I know how significant this meeting is to our factory and our collective futures,” said Rodríguez. Osvaldo Rodríguez, chairman of Tabacalera El Artista stated: "Radhamés [Rodríguez] is one of the youngest delegates here, and he represents the future of our industry; I am proud to hear him speak real concerns to the President.”

The President responded positively stating his administration was already working with the Dominican Agriculture Bank (Banco Agricola Dominicano), to release 0% Interest rate to certain economic sectors, including Tobacco. Additionally, the President stated he will request the minister of Industry and Commerce to build a team, including representatives from the Tobacco Sector, to start budgeting requests, and the tobacco delegation should meet with him again within a month.


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