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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust® (DTT) is announcing an innovative virtual initiative dubbed with their tongues firmly planted in cheek called “The DTT Timeshare Experience”

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Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust® (DTT) is announcing an innovative virtual initiative dubbed withtheir tongues firmly planted in cheek called “The DTT Timeshare Experience”. The program will be debuting inthe 2nd half of July 2020 in response to the cancellation of PCA’s Annual Trade Show for the cigar industry.

“Everyone is trying to figure out the best way to serve their Retail Customers and their own interests in this verytopsy-turvy year of trade show and event cancellations. Most are doing virtual sales meetings, other are hostingvirtual tradeshows and/or mini-physical travelling trade shows. Honestly, I do not know how these will work, but Iam doubtful that any of these strategies are appropriate for our Select Purveyors currently when it comes to ourbrands. For us, sales have been solid and we are on track for another record setting year; this is thanks to steadygrowth with ever increasing turns and volume per turn. In my opinion, the best thing we can do is remain steadyand continue to enhance our brands’ value for our Retailers and their customers,” states Steve Saka, Founder andCo-Owner of DTT.

He goes on to add, “So rather than focus on sales, we have created an interactive program that will educate andengage our Select Purveyors and any of their staff they wish to include. It will be focused on our products,industry trends, business strategy for continued growth, etc. in my typical no-nonsense manner. But ‘man doesnot live on work alone’, so we decided to spice it up a bit and jokingly bring in some elements of those reallycrappy timeshare pitches that we all endured as children whose parents just wanted the FREE whatever forlistening. Now I cannot promise it will be good, but it will definitely be different and hopefully fun! And of coursewe will throw out some sort of deal or two at the end, but that will not be the primary focus – we want ourPurveyors to buy our puros not because they are discounted, but because they are exceptional and serve theneeds of the most experienced and discerning customers.

”Emails soliciting for registration in the DTT Timeshare Experience have been transmitted to our Select Purveyors.Some opportunities will only be extended to those who participate in the program. If you have yet to register, weask you to do so by contacting David Lafferty, our VP of Sales, via email at


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Cigars without compromise: This is an expression of our closely held ethos and states in just three simple words everything we wish to accomplish here at DTT. Cigars are more than just a passion for us; they are our life. We want to create puros that pay respectful tribute to the long, vaulted history of handmade vitolas, honor the dedicated works of all the vegueros, torcedors and artists who dedicate their labors to this timeless craft. Our goal is to always offer the connoisseur an unparalleled smoking experience bar none.

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