Don Carlos double robusto by Arturo Fuente

Is this the dawn of a new Don for us?

The Hot Ticket
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The Breakdown
Vitola (Size)
Double Robusto (5.75 x 52)
Price (USD)

The Don Carlos brand is named after none other than Carlos Fuente Sr, the elder and Architect of Fuente Cigars. It’s said that this cigar is blended to match his personal taste. Now let’s see if his taste resonate with us Hot Ticket boys. 

Construction - Both samples smoked were masterfully made. They were firm, dense, and visually very appealing. No doubt they spend a lot of time making sure these leave the factory in the best condition possible which is more appreciated on this cigar as it is wrapped in a Cameroon leaf which is typically  more challenging wrapper type to work with. 

Burn - The burn parallel with construction for the most part being very consistent and burning evenly all the way through. This is something we really aren't accustomed too with Fuente cigars, so the difference is nice to experience. The only small problem area was a slight tight draw on one sample but one of which was detrimental, just a bit annoying. 

Flavor - The flavors of this cigar come on strong with a warm welcomed bitter earthiness that is quickly balanced out with the nuttiness from the Cameroon wrapper. The combination up front is dynamic. As we made our way deep into the first third, the cigar levels out with some dark sweetness, that continues to compliments the flavors from wrapper. The problem is, the flavors that made the cigar so great in the first half are non existent in the second. It’s like the DJ in the night club turned the volume down and flipped on the lights, expecting the same energy from the crowd. The flavors become dull and uneventful pretty much through the remainder of the cigar until it became harsh in the final inch or so. What was a great sprint out of the gate, turned into medal podium miss. 



$11.00 is the typical price paid for this very popular cigar, and had the flavors continued on the way we would have hoped, we would easily agree that the price would be worth paying. The simple reality is we paid full price for half of a good experience. If the second half would have matched the first, this would have been a Fuente we could have finally really gotten behind, and even then, this was much better than other cigars we have had in their line up.
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Cigarheadz - "Good with coffee"

Karlito416 - "#Fuentefriday"

Tonydoescigarsandbourbon - "Yawnnnnnnnnnnn"

Turbojone25 - "Sophisticated and delicious" 

Cigarandbourbon - "Fabulouso" 

El_dandy_cubano - "I think i need to find one to smoke"

Immoco_mora - "Smooth, one dimensional. Great for first time thats it." 

Arturo Fuente

Arturo Fuente cigars are consistently rated among the best cigars in the world. Our reputation for unsurpassed quality, with both flavor and construction, has amassed a loyal following among cigar connoisseurs.

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