Dias De Gloria by A.J. Fernandez

With this cigar the glory days may be just ahead..

Cory Allen
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Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5.5 x 52)
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Dias De Gloria meaning “glory days” creates the connection to Ismael Fernández, father of company founder Abdel Fernández, and his days of smoking in Cuba. The cigar is made using aged tobacco from multiple fernandez farms. It’s time to see if the long process of creating this cigar paid off. 

Construction - The sample smoked was superbly made. It boasted a nice smooth oily wrapper that shines like a freshly shaved bald head. The cigar lacked density and was light in the hands, but it’s precision construction had me ignoring pretty much everything else. 

Burn - This cigar had a sensationally smooth draw with impeccable smoke production. Other cigars should  aspire to smoke like this one! one outage due to a pit in the final 3rd caused this from getting top rated remarks in this category but overall, it was outstanding. 

Flavor - A throat punch of spice was a nice way to say hello! I can't say that It's not getting old BUT it smoothed out gently and quickly, like a crying baby that gets a binky put in it's mouth. The flavors were delightful early on. it imparted an earthy smoothness layered in with a nutty smokiness. Honestly I really  really dug this and i'm not sure if it's because I really liked it or I was just so tired of the same ole. Either way the flair journey had me perked up. At the halfway point the earthiness became more amplified but was interlaced with a creaminess that creates a great sense of balance while maintaining a wonderful complexity. In the final 3rd the cigar chills out a bit, but keeps the same ongoing profile of flavors and heads to the finish line with the pronounced spice it began with but this time, I was glad it finished the way it did. It just made sense and tied everything together with a nice little smoke bow. This cigar was simply beautiful in terms of flavor. 

It's the hot ticket.


Admittedly I was (was being the operative word) not a huge AJ fan. I have always found that their contract work outshined what they produced under their own umbrella. Until now. The Dias De Gloria is arguably one of the best cigars Fernandez has ever made and I am confident I can argue that point with anyone. For $10.00 you get a sensational experience filled with diversity, intricacy, and amazement. It also gets first rights at being crowned “It’s the HOT TICKET” status!
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A.J. Fernandez

Cigar band from a Man O' War Ruination, manufactured in Nicaragua by A.J. Fernandez Cigars.

Tabacalera Fernandez, best known to the English-speaking world as A.J. Fernandez Cigars, is a maker of cigars primarily grown and produced in Nicaragua and sold worldwide. The company is run by Abdel J. Fernandez, a third generation cigarmaker, and is a prominent manufacturer of cigars sold under a variety of labels, including "Man O'War," "Diesel," and "San Lotano"

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