Deranged by Wynwood Hills

Dernaged could have been the person making this cigar.

Cory Allen
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Wynwood is back! Just without the Caldwell this time. One of three Wynwood Hills released, the Deranged like the others, comes to us in just a single vitola with its own unique blend. 

Construction - In true beautiful Sumatran fashion, this cigar is gooood lookin It’s smooth, sleek, and rich appearance is eye catching for sure, and minus one minor issue with the cap, this cigar is wonderfully made. 

Burn - From a burn perspective, this typically isn’t and shouldn’t be challenging, but unfortunately this one was.  A nice little run came about early requiring a quick correction. In addition to that, I was forced to relight due to a pitting issue in the last third of the cigar. This cigar did have a good draw and unintentionally was left alone for about 10 min, and picked right back up where we left off which is greatly appreciated. 

Flavor -I was excited for this combination of tobaccos, in particular the Honduran filler with the Sumatran wrapper. Unfortunately my desire was not met with reality. I feel like wrapper overwhelmed the filler combination, making this cigar fairly unbalanced. The flavor of the Sumatran wrapper was very apparent but seemed to blanket the smooth and sweet combination that should have been realized to a higher degree with the fillers. You have Honduran! You have to show it off! Furthermore this cigar seemed to get harsh far before it should have leaving the final third tedious to get through. 



The good news is you won’t have to empty your pockets for one of these smokes. $7.00 as a standard is what you will pay and if you really enjoy Sumatran cigars, you may very much enjoy this cigar, but personally I am more intrigued by the other 2 in the Wynnwood lineup. 

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