Deliverance Porcelain by Black Label Trading Company

I read the name as "Deliver us from the commode" but don't be fooled. This cigar ain't no shit!

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Nicaraguan & Pennsylvanian
Vitola (Size)
Corona Gorda (5.5 x 48)
Price (USD)

James Brown, owner  of Black Label Trading Co. decided to do something a bit different by creating a traditional shade Connecticut cigar. This certainly is a far departure from the rich, thick, dark wrappers his cigars typically boast, but parallel to this effort he also decided to make sure that the organs still provide the pronounced flavors you would expect from a BLTC cigar. Let’s see how it did. 

Construction - This cigar is beautifully made. Little to no imperfections on the tobacco itself or any as a result of production. The wrapper is very smooth and silky to the touch and I have personal admiration for being able to create construction perfection using Connecticut shade tobacco. 

Burn - The burn on this cigar was nice and even from start to finish but did have 2 points in the smoking experience where the cigar abruptly went out. It is worth noting that the 2nd outage was in the final 3rd of the cigar, which will be relative to the flavor portion of the review. Other than a couple of relights, I was impressed with how well this cigar burned overall, inclusive of the nice, easy, effortless draw. 

Flavor - What I love and I expect out of a BLTC cigar is a nice little pepper rush up front which this one does superbly, but the difference being this one transitions into a wonderfully bright, and creamy flavor which was completely unexpected, but one that was greatly appreciated! The aromas of this cigar are very herbal which offer up great flavor balance on the retrohale. Like most shade Connies, this one gets a bit harsh at the end but I do believe that was exacerbated by the relight attempt in the final 3rd. All things considered, this was a great tasting cigar!

Highly recommended.


This cigar is sneaky good! I never thought I would ever say a $10.00 shade Connie would be “worth it” but this one just is. The flavors are well balanced and the use of the Pennsylvanian tobacco couldn’t have been done any better. If you are like me and have shied away from these light skinned Phillies, shy away no longer! It’s time to rejoice in the name of the “Deliverance Porcelain”.
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Black Label Trading Company is redefining the standards for cigar making. With a less is more philosophy, Black Label Trading Co. creates hand crafted premium cigars of the utmost quality at their own factory in Nicaragua.

Cory Allen
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