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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Connecticut
Vitola (Size)
Corona (5.75 x 46)
Price (USD)

Released post IPCPR in 2012 the CLE Connecticut is the 3rd born in the CLE line up, following after its 2 older siblings the CLE Corojo and CLE Cuarenta. The Connecticut is a fan favorite, especially amongst others in the crowded space that is CT shade grown cigars. We were excited at the chance to give our take on where this one stacks up. 

Right off the bat it was apparent that CLE values high quality craftsmanship. We have said it before that CT shade grown tobacco isn't the easiest to work with because of its fragility, but man did CLE nail it on both of these samples. Absolutely flawless. 

The smoking experience was just as incredible. Both samples smoked evenly, presenting no obstacles or challenges and along with that produced amazing mouthfuls of smoke on a very effortless draw. This is exactly what you want to have in every cigar. 

The disparity was all in the flavor. Simply put, our experiences differed greatly. One boasted a smooth, nutty, and creamy flavor profile that was not only enjoyable, but damn near shouted from the rooftops, while the other was peppery to start, dull, muted, and far short of the finish line, turned charged and bitter. This may be the very first occasion where the flavors had such a vastly different impact on each one of our individual palates, and that is perhaps why smoking cigars is so enjoyable. The experience is uniquely different for everyone. 

This cigar won’t set up back a lot at all coming in at roughly $7.00 per stick. All things considered, if you are in the mood for a light smoke maybe to be enjoyed with a morning cup of coffee, you could certainly turn to the CLE Connecticut. 



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