Columbia Bogota by CAO

Alright CAO... You make an okay cigar for pretty much every other country. Is this any different?

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The Breakdown
Jamastran Rosado
Brazilian Mata Fina, Columbian Ica Mazinga
Vitola (Size)
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The CAO Columbia Bogota got an overall rating of 5.8 on our Big Six scale and it was a well-deserved score. Balancing sweet, citrus notes with amazing construction, burn quality, mouth feel and smoke volume, this cigar was amazing from start to finish! For the three cigars we enjoyed, The CAO Columbia Bogota had nearly a perfect score on our construction scale. The cap, wrapper, and foot were all neatly made and one can easily tell that CAO took pride, care, and joy when making this cigar. By leveraging the superior construction of this cigar, CAO delivered a fairly even, consistent burn paired with a good, only slightly firm draw. Wow what a ride! The CAO Columbia Bogota offers a sweet, fruity citrus draw balanced out with very mild earth and cedar notes. On the lighter side of the flavor scale, this cigar is a beautiful balance of tobaccos from Brazil and Columbia which makes for a decadent blend. Near perfect construction, good draw, fairly even burn and amazing flavor, this cigar hits all the requisite check marks of a great stick. Pick one up on your next visit.



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CAO was founded in 1968 and our factory is located in Nicaragua. While our company is rich with history, our passion is creating new cigars using unique and rare tobaccos.

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