Colorado Oscuro No. 3 by La Flor Dominicana

"Colorado Oscuro"? Are you f#$%ing with me LFD? Am I only one who thinks this is odd?

Chris Allen
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The Breakdown
Ecuador Sumatra
Dominican, Sumatra
Dominican, Nicaraguan
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 50)
Price (USD)

If you are a cigar nut looking browsing your local B&Ms, looking for Dominicans you can’t possibly not know about LFD. Oh shit! “Looking for Dominican”. Same initials as ”LFD”. Hah! Didn’t plan that! (F it, I’m leaving it in) This cigar came out as a somewhat limited release back in 2011 but you can readily find it in a lot of B&Ms that tout the wonders of LFD, and I just so happen to be in the mood. So here we are.


Undoubtably this cigar sticks out on the shelves. It has such a dark reddish-colored wrapper that sports both a blackish marbling in the wrapper leaf and it’s so shiny. I’m serious. Like a sunbathing hotty who skipped the Sport SPF and went straight to tanning oil. The cigar was packed with fillers, and whoever rolled this cigar that day did not slack off. Just perfect.


With a dark-gray ash unveiling itself throughout the smoke, it took only a few draws to create some great smoke. What was interesting is the fact that this cigar burns slowly on the wrapper and fillers than what you might notice from other cigars of a similar vitola and blend. I think the reason was that this cigar uses some super oily tobacco. The burn was on point on this one with no runs or abrupt outages which you might expect with super oily tobacco.


Oh my woooooord. Oh my word. Meaty, woody and creamy; straight from the get-go.The Spice! So prominent throughout most of the smoke. It does begin to become more salty to the tongue the heavier you draw it, which I love. But as the cigar begins to crescendo? Oh, do get some super sweet and bitter notes and the end.This cigar was so great in flavor if you can handle the kick of spice.

Highly recommended.


This Colorado Oscuro No. 3 is a such a contender with some of LFD’s upper-echelon cigar offerings like the Andalusian Bull, La Knox, and more, and is so worth the price that I gave it a little something, something extra on the scoring…but, can I ask a question LFD? Isn’t a “Colorado Oscuro” a bit of an oxymoron? Haha
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