Cloud Hopper by Warped Cigars

The Cloud Hopper had us on Cloud 9

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The Breakdown
Vitola (Size)
No. 53 (5.25 x 42)
Price (USD)

A collaborative effort between owner Kyle Gellis and younger brother Devin, the name of this cigar represents their constant travel. “Cloud hopping” is a term they use when discussing their journeys from place to place. I always thought cloud hopping was what meth addicts did when they were high, but their  definition seems to be appropriate as well. 

Both samples smoked were absolutely flawless in terms of construction. Insanely smooth with no protruding veins. It’s a cigar that you can pick up and just go “oh my”. Despite the small stature, this cigar was surprisingly dense and firm. We knew we were in for a treat. 

The burn on this cigar equally matched the amazing construction. No issues to speak of which is somewhat rare in this small of a ring gauge. The draw on these cigars provided the perfect amount of resistance with an exceptional amount of smoke with each puff. So far we are about as perfect as it gets

This nicaraguan puro is just so smooth. There is zero harshness to this cigar from beginning to end and the creaminess of this cigar sprinkled with some intermittent nuttiness, makes for a very palatable flavor. The Cloud hopper is not very dynamic in flavor offering up very few noticeable changes, but what you get is very pleasing, so much so we just don’t think a 42’ ring gauge is enough. An upgrade to the 485 may be what the doctor ordered. 

Coming in at 6.30 each which a fantastic value that can't really be argued. This cigar isn’t out of bounds for any smoker. As a matter of fact, given the full spectrum of smokers in the world, there is likely no one we wouldn't recommend this cigar too. 



Given the size there isn’t a ton of tobacco BUT what you get in terms of craftsmanship and the balanced blend of this cigar, makes it worth every penny plus some.
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