Cimarron by El Artista

As beautiful as the Rocky mountain peaks.

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The Breakdown
Mexican San Andres
Dominican Negrito
T13 ligero, Colombian, Broadleaf, Dominican Corojo Viso
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 54)
Price (USD)

It is rare to find a cigar that delivers greatness in all 3 categories we score in, however, the Cimarron has managed to do just that. Near flawless construction matched with an impeccable burn, it almost didn’t even matter how it actually tasted… Well of course that’s an exaggeration and the good news is the flavor synced up perfectly with all of the other important components. A far stretch from the Nicaraguan product we have been inundated with, the Cimarron brings that wonderful dominican flare with it, offering up a smooth, sweet, and pleasantly consistent experience. It’s hard to believe that such an enjoyable cigar will only set you back $7.50! If you are a Dominican fan this is a MUST try and if you aren't guess what? It’s still a must try.



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