Campesino Series by Tabaqueria 1844

New to the market and has all the makings to be great.

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The Breakdown
Dominican HVA Navarrette
Dominican Criollo 98
Vitola (Size)
Robusto Definitivo (5 x 52) 
Price (USD)

This cigar is a far stretch from the typical small batch, boutique, craft (insert any other artisan adjective) cigar, Why? Because the Campesino series is manufactured in the Dominican and trust us, that’s very refreshing. This cigar furnishes some of the great flavor characteristics of traditional Dominican cigars while providing its own unique subtleties. Made with high-quality tobacco and incredible craftsmanship, we see this cigar as a great new Dominican option that will put some of the bigger brands to shame. You will pay $7.00 for this cigar which we agree is a steal and one that should be a part of your regular rotation if you fancy that wonderful sweet Dominican flavor.



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Campesino/Tabaqueria 1844

The Tabaqueria 1844 Campesino is a small batch cigar by Tabaqueria 1844 based out of the Dominican Republic. The rise of boutique and small production cigar brands has often been associated with Nicaragua, but the Dominican Republic certainly has also its share – and Tabaqueria 1844 is a good example of one. Tabaqueria 1844 was founded by Edgar Sued Caraballo and its products are available in the U.S. market.

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