Buffalo Ten by El Artista

Why chase a Buffalo Nickel when you can have a Buffalo Ten?

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Mexican San Andrés
Dominican, U.S., Columbian
Vitola (Size)
Toro (6 x 52)
Price (USD)

This is a cigar that I have personally been looking forward to reviewing for quite some time for a few key reasons. 1. I am a BIG fan of El Artista. 2. The BUF10 is only $4.50. ONLY $4.50!!! How can we go wrong here?

Construction - This cigar is a great example of what a boxed pressed cigar should be. Great sharp lines, no ridges, and little curvature. It kept its shape perfectly. The cigar was a bit soft and spongy towards the foot, but other than that, this was a wonderfully constructed cigar. 

Burn - A box pressed 6 x 52, i could assure you there would be at least one burn issue, but there wasn’t. This cigar burned evenly throughout, and produced ample amounts of smoke with what was a fairly effortless draw. The overall consistency is everything I could have asked for. 

Flavor - You get that rush a sweet and spice from the wrapper right off the bat. This cigar starts off right! The spice falls off as you connect to the 2nd third of the cigar but another change up ensues. The cigar mellows a bit with a soft creaminess with a bitter undertone, which for me is a desirable combination. What I appreciate about the transfer of flavors is the cigar remains balanced but it alters the experience. It's like starting another chapter in a book. Yet again, the final 3rd represents something totally different. The cigar intensifies in flavor and that spice that dissipated early on, comes back alongside a fragrant earthiness. The combination boldens the cigar to a high degree. I'll be honest though, the flavors in the final 3rd were my least favorite, however I appreciate the attempt of a build up at the end.

Highly recommended.


This cigar shines in so many ways and it’s really all relevant to the price point. If this cigar were priced at let’s say a $9.00 market average, it would STILL be a great cigar, but you are paying exactly half that, which is simply unreasonable to ask for. If you only care about the cigar (like i do) you won’t care that it’s in a simple paper wrapped package as opposed to an artistic box. You won’t care that the band is simple and elementary and not over engineered. The fact is, you are getting a GREAT cigar at a GREAT price, making the Buffalo 10, one of the absolute best cigars on the market in terms of value. 

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