Black Friday 2018 by HVC Cigar Co.

Would you trample another human for this cigar?

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Mexican San Andrés
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5x50)
Price (USD)

The 2018 Black Friday was a cigar I was very much looking forward to smoking for a few reasons. 1. It was my very first HVC cigar and 2. There was quite a bit of underground buzz around this particular smoke. Unfortunately the experience fell short of the intrigue. 

Looking over the cigar I noticed the the top cap and the sub cap were both peeling up and off center,  which really showed that the cigar was rushed in the production process. The cigar itself was firm but didn't feel very dense which I think lead to a pretty loose draw, but still maintained a high volume of smoke production, which was appreciated. 

The flavor of this cigar was fairly one dimensional as well. Heavy spice upfront was pretty overwhelming but tapers off quickly into a fairly simple flavor that remains through the rest of the cigar. You won't be out of pocket much as this cigar will only set you back $7.50 each. For that, it may be worth picking up just to try. 



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Cory Allen
Host of The Hot Ticket Podcast. Cory isn’t your prototypical cigar smoker. He’s a testament to today’s modern smoker. Having smoked his first cigar at the age 18, he immediately gained an affinity for this seemingly exclusive pastime, and specifically one that is not popular amongst those categorized as "Millennials" Today, Cory continues to indulge in some of the most highly rated and regarded cigars in the industry and is always seeking to get his grubby little hands on the next great smoke.