Bishops Blend by Black Label trading co.

Dark, rich, and intense, (Like Denzel) but is it any good?

Cory Allen
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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Maduro
Ecuadorian Habano
CT Broadleaf, Nicaragua & PA Broadleaf
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 X 48)
Price (USD)

Intentionally made to be bold the Bishops blend was all of that plus more. Released at IPCPR in 2016 this cigar was a highly anticipated release and somehow the hype has dissolved. 

Construction - This cigar is built to meet the bar. It boats a super thick wrapper that is sturdy and dense. It’s easy to get lost in the ordinary but when something comes along that stands out, you take notice and that is this cigar. 

Burn - Great draw? Check. Even burn? Check. Consistent throughout? Check… Well wait. At least until the final 3rd then in quick succession, three pits that all caused relights which was annoying to say the least. Thank god it was all towards the end which minimized the impact on the flavor. 

Flavor - Speaking of flavor… As previously mentioned this cigar was meant to be bold, which is indicative of most BLTC cigars. This one though is unique (at least to me) in that the choice of fillers was a bold move in and of itself. Connecticut and Pennsylvania broadleaf together in a filler!? This could easily have been a flavor disaster but delightfully it was anything but. It all worked in tandem and all in unison. It’s earthy, meaty, and peppery throughout, and maintains an impeccable balance and complexity. This is NOT a flavor profile that I typically enjoy but I couldn't help but smile periodically while marveling over this flavor phenomenon.



You will pay $9.50 for this little slice of heaven which is very appropriate. I would caution any novice smokers to think twice before smoking this cigar, unless you suffer from a mental disorder and or are possessed. Take your time working your way up to smoking something so bold and complex. 

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