Berlin Wall by Hammer + Sickle

This may not be a wall you want to tear down.

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Honduran Criollo
Dominican & Corojo Honduran
Vitola (Size)
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I never thought we would review a communist stick being that we are cold blooded Americans to the core, but i'm sure glad we did. This cigar did have some slight construction flaws and draw issues but nothing crippling, certainly worth noting though. We think the flavor is where this cigar has some uniqueness. It’s really nothing like we have had before but you can certainly extract some similarities of traditional Cuban cigars with some complimentary variations. We gave this cigar a bonus for the label alone, which is fashioned from pressed copper and wrapped around the stick, but not glued. Coming in at an average price of $7.00 per smoke, we think it’s worth picking up a few to fill in the gaps in your humidor.



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Hammer + Sickle is Russia’s most luxurious vodka. Not only are we defined by heritage, we honor and celebrate it. Through our selection of only the finest winter wheat from the Black earth region of Southern Russia, to our meticulous distillation and proprietary filtration process, Hammer + Sickle Vodka is the quintessential union of industrial distilling and agricultural excellence. The result is the ultimate vodka experience befitting any connoisseur, and worthy of its Russian heritage.

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