Baka by RoMa Craft

"Baka ni suru".. Look it up.

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Vitola (Size)
Bantu (4 x 52)
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It’s unfortunate sometimes, that we live in a world of a constant “what’s next?”. That expectation has been apparent in the cigar industry for some time, and often if you aren’t pumping out something new and fresh, you are quickly forgotten and dismissed. A few though, have thrived bucking this trend, RoMa Craft being one of the most obvious examples. 4 years is how long we all waited for a new core line offering and all in a world that demands a constant refresh. The question is: was it worth the wait? Let’s get into it. 

Construction - No doubt this cigar is visually appealing. Both samples we smoked were spotted and dotted like a pale ginger in the sunlight. We aren't sure if this characteristic is normal as other images of this cigar would suggest solid appearance, but it's something we quite enjoyed just to look at. Let’s be honest. It’s hard to mess up a 4 x 52, and mess up the rollers did not. This cigar like most RoMas that roll off the production line, these two were quite simply, perfection. 

Burn - Both samples smoked superbly offering up full amounts of smoke with an effortless draw. The burn lines stayed even throughout, and even though this is a short cigar, it seemed to burn for a considerable amount of time.So far we are a strong 2 for 2. 

Flavor - We didn’t know what to expect from this cigar. Would it be like previous RoMas? Intensely rich and robust while it melts the smile off your face? No. It wasn’t anything like that. Quite the opposite and an extreme departure from it’s older siblings. The cigar starts off with a smidge of spice but only enough to tickle your lips. The cigar then quickly erupts into a tangy sweetness which is fairly long lasting, until you hit the halfway point and this cigar takes off it’s mask and exposes another myriad of flavors that can only be compared to what’s spread across the counter of grandmas kitchen during the holiday baking season. As we began to proceed into the last portion, the flavors got quite mellow and creamy, and the Baka artfully refined, finished completely balanced and left us saying. “Wow, what just happened?” It’s worth noting that we both really appreciated the subtle spice. Not only was it not overstated, but it played a large part in keeping this cigar balanced, and for this cigar, playing a strong supporting role, not the overwhelming lead.

Highly recommended.


This cigar seemed to be blended in a mad scientist manner that said “oh yea? Watch what I can do”. It’s contrasting, it’s practical, it’s intricate, and unlike the rest of the RoMa Craft line up, it’s one we would have no problem recommending to literally anyone. This $10.00 Cameroon jewel is simply masterful and well worth the 4 year wait. 

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