AVO Unexpected line is actually four current AVO core offerings disguised.

AVO duped us all

Cory Allen
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On December 6th Scott Kolesaire of Davidoff announced on the Cigar Dojo’s Smoke Night Live Show that the AVO Unexpected is not comprised of special limited edition blends, but actually four current known regular production offerings with different packaging. The idea according to Kolesaire is they wanted to take branding out of the mind of the consumer and let them actually enjoy the cigar for what it is. This is the reason for not disclosing the blend, as consumers would eventually put it together that these were releases currently on the market. Here is how they line up.

  • AVO Unexpected Celebration (Yellow): AVO XO Legato
  • AVO Unexpected Moment (Blue): AVO Domaine 70
  • AVO Unexpected Tradition (Green): AVO Heritage Toro
  • AVO Unexpected Passion (Red):  AVO Classic No. 2

Now I never personally been a fan of the AVO cigars themselves so new or old, I think the cigars are subpar and I have always been consistent in my thoughts. Personal feelings aside, what I don't believe is that there were pure intentions around this being an effort to strip the cigar of it's branding and truly allow it to speak for itself. This is an obvious attempt to put more cigars on the shelves without having to invest in conjuring up new blends and actually putting effort into something that would be deemed new to the market. Let's make no mistake here. Davidoff is a company that is masterful in branding, so to think this is anything other than a marketing ploy, is downright misguided. I am disappointed in their attempt to dupe the consumer and cigar community as a whole and am interested in Davidoff/AVO's reaction as this begins to make its way through the industry.

Stay tuned for more as we will continue keeping an eye on further details.


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Inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Avo Uvezian, our Master Blender has ventured to the untamed heart of Central America. Capturing sweet and spicy flavors from the rich, volcanic soil of Nicaragua and blending them with the soft, creamy notes of the finest Dominican leaves. Resulting in a smooth and balanced box-pressed cigar with unexpected depth and complexity.

Cory Allen
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