Alma Fuerte by Plasenica

Is this cigar "strong" as the name would indicate?

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Vitola (Size)
Toro (6.25 x 54)
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I guess you could say this has been a long time coming. How have we not reviewed the Alma Fuerte before this? Quite frankly, I don’t know. It certainly isn't a cigar that ever slips our minds and oftentimes comes up in random conversations. Maybe it’s because every time we smoke it, we are just in the moment with the cigar, and putting any more thought beyond that, does an injustice to the experience. Either way, this time was different. 

Construction - without being obviously repetitive as it relates to most Plasenica cigars, this cigar production wise is at the top of the game. The marbling on the wrappers is striking and the symmetry on the cigar itself is something that causes you to pause and take notice. There is a nice density to the cigar that is a precursor to the fun that is about to come. 

Burn - Both samples came with minimal challenges. One sample did smoke in a constant wave pattern making it inconsistently consistent, but it didn’t warrant any corrections or relights. One cigar did go out in the final 3rd, however, causing a relight but minus these minimal issues, everything else, including the draw was up to snuff. 

Flavor - This cigar brings the earth early on, with just a nip of spice in the background. As the first wave of flavors tame out, a floral flavor that matches the aroma amplifies. A feeling like the handicap kid in “The Secret Garden” wheeling himself through a meadow of flowers. The flavors all start to meld together, while also introducing a smooth creaminess, further balancing out this cigar. Minus the changes early on, the Alma Fuerte is fairly is pretty consistent in terms of flavor when considering the whole cigar, but the remaining 3rd of the cigar becomes more bold and imparts a dark fruity flavor, which i would argue is one of the best ways to finish a cigar. This cigar in terms of flavor really has it all.

Highly recommended.


The Alma Fuerte has received it’s fair share of accolades, and deserving so, but you have to ask yourself, is it worth a $20.00 price point? We agree with the vast majority that this is an incredible cigar, but we don’t think it's worth such an elevated price. Sub $15.00 would feel far more appropriate and of course would still be considered top shelf. That being said, we can’t take anything away from this cigar. It is truly incredible.
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