Alma Del Fuego by Plasencia

Soul of Fire? Sexy Lady? Who cares! It's incredible.

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Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 50)
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Pre - 2019 IPCPR Plasencia Announced the 3rd blend that would round out their “Alma” series of cigars. That cigar? The Alma Del Fuego (Soul of Fire) or in Hebrew “Sexy Lady”. The hype around this cigar was real, which is why we bumped it up on our list to review. Let’s see how she scores. 

As expected the construction on both samples smoked was about as flawless as you can get. When you see a Plasencia cigar, you almost know what it is based upon appearance alone. Every one rolled is so smooth and refined, and the Alma Del Fuego is no exception. 

The exceptional burn is indicative the attention given to the construction of this cigar. Minus one abrupt outage that caused a relight, both samples burned evenly and offered up mouthfuls rich white smoke. Overall this was a great smoking experience as it relates to the burn

We can speculate based on the name (Soul of Fire) that this cigar would add an element of spice that was absent in the previous Alma releases, and come to find out,  our speculation would be correct. The closed foot on this cigar adds a sweet element to the start of this cigar which is appropriate as it balanced out the pepper and spice you get from that Ometepe filler combination that was to come. This cigar boasts wonderful dark fruit flavors coupled with some subtle bitterness, and then balanced out with a continued pepper that seems to linger on the tongue. By all accounts this is a very rich cigar. It’s the premium tobacco equivalent of dessert. Lava Cake anyone?



$15.00 is what you will pay for this cigar which at surface level seems extreme for a robusto, but it’s so goddamn good that if not worth it, it's pretty effin close. The only struggle we see with the price is with such a premium, you are also up against the big boys who play in that price range that have all established long term cigar excellence. We can’t forget that although Plasencia has been around for a considerable amount of time, their own branded product is still relatively new to the marketplace. 

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Plasencia Cigars is one of the biggest Tobacco Growers and Cigar Manufacturers in the world. Growing more than 2000 Hs of tobacco of the highest quality.

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