Aladino Connecticut by Aladino

Is this Connecticut worthy of the Aladino family name?

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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Connecticut
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 50)
Price (USD)

The Aladnio Connecticut came last to us, in what is now a pretty complete line up, and I think you could argue that the Connecticut gets overshadowed by its older siblings, which is understandable since all of them are incredible. But should it? Does it have a place on the mantle with the rest of them? Let’s find out!

Construction - Both samples were remarkably constructed at first glance. They are tan and they are fuzzy like a surfer’s five-o-clock shadow. The cigars were very light weight, which is typically for a Connecticut shade. After a  cut on one sample however, the head of the cigar began to fall apart highlighting the fragility of the Connecticut wrapper. Other than that, these cigars are produced very nicely. 

Burn - What a fantastic draw on both samples,  with a ton of smoke exhausting after each puff. They were reluctant to ash the entire time which is a great attribute in my opinion, and each with an impeccable burn line. Not having to think about smoking, makes the experience that much better. 

Flavor - The cigar begins a bit muted but doesn't take long for it to come to life. We love the wonderful herbal smoothness of Honduran tobacco and that's exactly what smacks your lips early on. The cigar is desirably mild, which is a departure from the other Aladino cigars. At the 50% mark the cigar introduces some earthy flavors, most notably grass and wood, not dissimilar from what you would get in a Claro but there is a sharpness these flavors that compliment that subtleness quite nicely. There is a coolness in the flavor, almost a menthol component but much much much more subtle. In the final 3rd the cigar fights the prototypical harshness with a bitterness that parallels nicely with the rest of the melded flavors. It does finish off a bit harsh but not with a lot of the cigar remaining, which is a big win for a CT shade.

Highly recommended.


$8.00 is the price of admission and also in alignment with its family. The question is, does it really fit in with the class and quality of the rest? We say a resounding “YES”. This is one of the best Connecticut shades we have had the pleasure of smoking. This cigar is simply done right and maybe the only one we would consistently have as a part of our regular smoking rotation.
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