2020 Las Calaveras by Crowned Heads

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The Breakdown
Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro
Vitola (Size)
LC48 (5 1/2 x 48)
Price (USD)

Slated for a July release, we got our hands on these bad boys early on so we feel it's good timing to break them down before they hit the shelves!. Like every LC release, this one again pays homage to those who have passed in the previous year, in particular as a celebration of their life. We are here to celebrate yet another highly anticipated release, so let's get into it!

Construction - I want to start by saying this ISN’T a recreation of the 2019 LC… But it does look like it. We took the time to compare the two and like 2019, the 2020 is very smooth, minimal veins, and a nice satin sheen. The cigar itself is light in the hands but firm and symmetrical. I couldn't help make the comparison to the aesthetics of a Plasencia cigar, which is a huge nod to the production of this one. 

Burn - it’s nice to be able to feel up a cigar and know that all will be right with the burn. The draw on the samples smoked were effortless and full, and the consistency was flawless, showing off a nice even burn line all the way to the end. Minus one abrupt outage, these cigars offered up a great smoking experience with minimal challenges. 

Flavor - Say it with me. “THIS BLEND IS DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS YEARS!”. This cigar is really quite the departure from other years, and really doesn’t share very many similarities to anything else we’ve had. The cigar starts off subtle and imparts a fresh tanginess coupled with a nice smooth sensation after every draw. The strange part is you can anticipate the build up. As we made our way into the meat of the first third, the cigar injects a balanced creaminess that helps the flavors settle on your palate. The second third adds more layers to the flavor complexity and the cigar begins to bolden and become more earthy. Again in the final third the cigar begins to elevate even more adding in a funky savoriness furthering the complexity of flavors. Baskin Robbins ain't got sh#t on this 2020 honey. In our opinion, this is the most dynamic and refined Las Calaveras release to date. 

Highly recommended.


One Alexander and some loose pocket change will get you one of these sugar skull bad boys, and it's worth every penny. One of the factors we didn’t anticipate but surely appreciated is how similar the flavor progression is to that of a traditional Cuban. Don’t hear what I am not saying. It doesn't taste like a Cuban, but the crescendo of flavors over time and the build up of complexity keeps you adhered to the cigar, waiting and anticipating what is to come. A word to the wise. The production of these is more limited than previous years and the cigars themselves were sold out to shops within a few hours. Make sure when they hit shelves, you grab some because they won’t be around long.
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