2019 Headley Grange Chamuco By Crowned Heads

Hope the family doesn't get mad that I'm bringing home a new dog...

Chris Allen
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The Breakdown
Mexican San Andrés
Vitola (Size)
Box-pressed Double Robusto (5 1/2 x 54)
Price (USD)

Named after a Mexican Pitbull, this new Headley Grange Chamuco really fits the lineup of Mexican San Andres wrapper types from others in the Crowned Heads lineup.

Construction - So much texture and shine to the wrapper on this cigar! It’s boxed-pressed, shaggy-footed, tightly packed, with a great triple-cap head. Playing on the theme; It’s like going to the dog shelter and finding a Cane Corso… A little rough around the edges but a beautiful dog to bring home to the wifey even though she told you, “If you go to that shelter and bring back a dog, I’m going to be pissed!”... She’ll love it, though.

Burn - I don’t condone burning dogs, but this one you should. A great 2-3 puffer that produced great smoke but it was a little tight. That said, it burned a little wonky and I had to do a burn correction about 30 minutes in but sometimes that happens. Gotta show the dog that you are the boss and correct any misbehavior! But once the dog knew who the Alpha was (me), it was very, very well behaved. Good dog (pat on the head). Even passed our infamous 5-minute hold test! 

Flavor - Oh man. Meaty, savory, and tangy from the get-go and smooths out with consistent spice lingering in the background. Really hit the mark for my type of flavor in a cigar. Not really any changeups worth noting, but this was a very consistent cigar in terms of flavor for the full 1.5 hours I smoked it. I can now see why Crowned Heads named it after a dog. This cigar was meaty, and DOGS are made of meat! It all makes sense now!

Highly recommended.


For $11.00 this dog is worth every penny. Just pick it up from the shelter and take it home to the family. They’ll love it… That is, if your wife, 11-year-old daughter, and 7-year-old son also enjoy smoking cigars. That’s a really big IF though.
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