115th Anniversary by La Aurora

115 years.. I am surprised this cigar doesn't have Dementia and a broken hip.

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The Breakdown
Dominican, Nicaraguan, Brazilian
Vitola (Size)
Robusto (5 x 50)
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First it was the 2018 115 Anniversary limited edition release, which was a real banger when it debuted in the market. A year later in 2019, La Aurora decided to make the 115th anniversary cigar a part of its regular production, and the collective community couldn’t have been more pleased with that decision, but we are going to see how this one stacks up. 

Construction - It’s clear La Aurora didn’t take in short cuts in crafting this cigar. Commemorating its 115th year celebration, it better be nothing short of amazing, and guess what? They nailed it. The cigar is smooth and fuzzy all at the same time, like a kitten with mange, and boasts a nice milk chocolate brown wrapper with just a hint of ginger. 

Burn - Both samples showed off wonderful draws with great smoke production, but both also experienced the same troubles as well. A couple of abrupt outages which caused some relights and a few nasty runs like Chris's undies after a solid night of drinking and a Taco Bell run.

Flavor - The flavors of this cigar are all over the place but in a way that seems thoughtful and calculated. The cigar starts off very woody and sweet, with a quick creaminess that follows shortly thereafter. There is a subtle earthiness to this cigar as well that helps shape the overall balance which remains to the end. What we loved about this cigar is there are no sharp edges and transitions. Every flavor flows seamlessly into the other as if to hold your hand while making your way through the taste maze that is this cigar. We also recommend retrohaling this cigar as much as possible to really brighten up the wonderful flavors it imparts. 

Highly recommended.


$9.50 is what you will pay for this cigar, which for us is completely on par. It is also a cigar that can be enjoyed by a novice smoker and highly appreciated by someone more experienced. It really is made in a way that can be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of smokers.  

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La Aurora

La Aurora was founded on October 3rd, 1903 by Eduardo León Jimenes, a hard worker man who was son and grandson of tobacco growers, that, without neglecting his family tradition, decided to go a step further with the creation of a cigar brand which he intended to have a global dimension.

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