Donger's Knockout!

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As a part of the My Cigar Pack program “Factory Direct” Your Hot ticket boys partnered up with Rodriguez Cigars to create an amazing cigar that would be available just in time for the holidays! You may be asking yourself “What is Donger?”. “Donger” is a term we have used in place of “cigar” for quite some time, and as the name grew some legs amongst our loyal following, so did it’s artistic character. This collaboration was our way of exposing him to the world! The inspiration behind the name “knockout” was all in our commitment to bring an incredible cigar to the industry at a sub $5.00 price point, utilizing the talents and tobacco of Rodriguez Cigars Owner Danny Difabio. I think we nailed it! This cigar is truly a knockout. 

Imparted flavors:  Dark Cocoa (richness but draws some sweetness). nutty, creamy, and natural tones (earthy).  

The Blend

Wrapper: Habano Oscuro
Binders:  Nicaragua and Ecuador
Fillers: Nicaraguan
Vitola: Robusto 5x50

Alexander From MyCigarPack:

The year 1929 stands infamously as the eternal mark for the commencement of the Great Depression. Correspondingly, it was the same year Salvador Dali delineated The Great Masturbator. Two greatly impactful schemes splattered onto the world by the cause of human interaction that would be remembered as sociocultural shifters in both negative and positive ways, respectively.

Fast-forward nine decades into the future, where we breathe to witness a parallelism so entrenched, that humanoids will question whether this is an empirical cycle of a prophecy or a generational awakening where there is only growth and a long, yet achievable path towards the sun.  

We’ve been unexpectedly struck by a catastrophic pandemic that is threatening to deteriorate our living standards and crush our once-unassailable hopes along the way, forcefully staining the history of our lives. Equally, we’re all involuntary witnesses to the unanticipated billow of a alliance of artisan architecture, where the controversial brothers embody a refined brush and craftsman Danny DiFabio liquifies into an alluring varnish, creating a paragon that will become exponentially acclaimed through the passing of each day. 

The world will continue to challenge us with adversity, yet it is our responsibility to beguile ourselves through infallible faith in humanity; Just as Dali required a canvas to express his craft, My Cigar Pack merely serves as a humble platform for the true artists to perform.

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